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Affordable Photography , Videos, Graphics & Web Design using the latest mobile technologies, so speed and quality results are #1 priority…..

Saving you Both Time and Money!
We literally are Mobile Media on the Move!

Cool Guys Media is an innovative multi-media solution that is breaking free from traditional norms and thinking outside of the box, quite literally! Its vision is to provide the most creative, affordable, and innovative online services to the Travel, Tourism, and Marine sectors, with a particular focus on supporting small and emerging businesses across the Caribbean Region.

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Talk to us first, because you be be amazed at what products and services we can offer at a price you CAN afford.

Video / Film Production & Editing

Our Video Crew has been selected from the very best cameramen & women currently available in the region, combined with highly skilled editors & post production crew.

CAA Licensed Drone Services

State of the Art equipment, combined with many years experience provide the very best in Aerial Photography and 4K Video both in the air & over open waters.

360° Video & Panoramic Images

Our very latest 360° technologies give a whole new perspective to on-line virtual  tours & image making. Get your products and services into today’s new media world.

Professional Photography & Tutorials

With over 45 years experience  in 65 international countries covering Sport, Leisure, Travel, Studio & Location photography, it’s not what we do it’s easier to ask what we can’t do…

We provide a comprehensive range of services, covering everything from logo design and brand identity to web development and full-scale TV commercials and video production. Importantly, our pricing is fair and transparent, avoiding the exorbitant fees charged by other agencies and studios that can quickly blow out a budget, particularly for businesses that are struggling financially.

Website Development & Data Applications

Local & International developers are waiting to get you to where you need to be with fully responsive websites & hosting solutions. Speed & Affordability is key to getting your information out there 

Graphic Design & Advertising

From Logos to full TV commercials, CoolGuys Creative team are waiting for tomorrows challenge. Everything you need for new business marketing & production needs. 

Regional Event Coverage & Promotion

event coverage

Top International photographers & film makers with extensive TV & Live Stream experience, turn any event into a highly polished production for any media platform especially Social Media.

Social Media Tools & Assistance

Professional promotional material that helps get that message across, can be produced on the spot & from any location to any Social Media Platform for you to immediately like and share

CoolGuysMedia  has a wealth of experience producing top-quality videos for a wide range of purposes, from event promotion and product sales to profiling businesses and boosting your online presence via YouTube. We have a selection of random samples to showcase our capabilities, all of which were produced to the highest standards despite working with a minimum budget. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals!

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