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Drone Services

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CAA Licensed & Approved Drone Services & Pilots

Drone Services


State of the Art Drone equipment, combined with many years experience provide the very best in Aerial Photography and 4K Video both in the air & over open waters.

Surveys - Creative Angles - Event Coverage - Cinematography

Indoor Mini's to Outdoor Beasts! ...We have got it covered

CoolGuysMedia has the right tools for the job. Mavic Minis for light weather & confined spaces (including Indoors!) 

 And the ALL weather waterproof Beast that can take on ANY challenge, including Rain and heavy winds.

Property and Real Estate

Drone photography is a game-changer in real estate sales. Through captivating aerial shots, it presents the property, its surroundings, and key features in a visually stunning manner. The high-quality images grab attention, enhancing the property’s perceived value and generating buyer confidence. By offering a unique perspective and showcasing the property’s best aspects, drone photography significantly increases the likelihood of a successful sale, making it an invaluable tool in the real estate industry.
Add these exciting new tools to your portfolio.

Land and Coastal Mapping, Surveying, & Monitoring Environmental Issues

Thanks to new Drone technology the days of settling for a limited point of view are now over and high-quality aerial imagery and video are available at a fraction of the costs as before.
It’s time for your customers and client to see the bigger picture and new drone technology allows you to elevate your perspective and those of your customers with high-quality aerial imagery and video to suit many different purposes. 
These services allow you showcase your products and events to the next level of creativity, opening up many new solutions and ideas. Drone shots can accurately depict the property’s location, while interior shots showcase its exceptional quality and intricate details

We have the Creativity, Experience and Knowledge to get your Business, where you want it to be at a fraction of the cost. 

Travel and Tourism

This technology is perfectly suited to showcase Hotels, Resorts, Real-Estate, Tourist Attractions, Land Boundries, Action Sports and getting you to places which were totally out of reach in the past.

Rich 4K Video quality content and High Resolution digial images ensure the finest available production content.
Its time to Elevate your business today.

LANd & sea surveys
buildings & structure inspections
event and news coverage
virtual tours & flybys

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Drone Photographic and Video Rates

TT$ 500.00 PER 20 Minute Session
20 Megapixel (5184 × 3888) Pixels for photography and video

Per Hour (Outside Buccoo Mount Irvine Area) TT$ 50.00

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